Magic doesn't exist in the magician is a book of thoughts about magic and reality.

What is magic? Is magic an artform? What are the conditions for calling something an artform?

Is magic something real, that exists in a meaningful sense? What are the conditions for calling something real?

In this charming little book, Paavan explores the vast canon of magic theory, dipping into some works you'll have heard of and dancing through some rarer finds. He draws on his knowledge of aesthetics and philosophy to take the reader on a journey through the woods of metaphysics.

Along the way we hear from three friends (check back soon to find out who!), with transcriptions of conversations they had with Paavan.

This is one you don't want to miss.

About the author: Paavan completed an undergraduate degree in computer science and a masters degree in philosophy at the University of Oxford. While there, he revitalised and became president of the magic society, put on a solo Fringe show, and performed magic in palaces. He graduated top of his year after writing a thesis comparing ideas of illusion in ancient Indian philosophy and the writings of Schopenhauer.

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